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Nearly 75% of households in the United States own a grill, all of which eventually need basic maintenance and repair. While low-priced grills are only made to last a few years, why waste money buying a new grill when the burners or valves on your grill go bad? When your grill begins to malfunction, do you immediately begin planning the purchase of a brand new grill? The good news is most grills can be restored to like-new performance and function with replacement grill parts. Most of the components of your grill have a limited life and eventually require replacement. Fortunately, switching out burners, cooking grids, valves and other parts is simple and painless and adds to the longevity of your grill. There's no need to throw out your grill -- order parts from BBQ Grill Parts USA and save that money you would have spent on a new model. 


Replacing Corroded Burners

One of the first signs that your barbeque needs new gas grill parts is the presence of rust. The burners of your grill aren't designed to last forever and low-end models may only last a few years. You can, however, swap out these rusted components with brand-new grill parts to restore function. Burners begin to rust from an accummulation of food and grease. When the burner starts to corrode, gas escapes through these corroded areas and makes hot spots. To install new burners, check the measurements on the ones you have and the manufacturer of your grill. There are many types of burners, including H-burners, ovals, figure-8, bar and pipe burners. Whether you need Weber grill parts or Charbroil, BBQ Grill Parts USA offers burners to fit all major brands. 


Replacing Grill Regulators

Does your grill have a low temperature or a low flame? This is a common problem with gas grills and is typically caused by a faulty regulator. If your regulator is merely sticking, you can release the pressure by turning off the gas, disconnecting the gas line, opening the lid and turning all control valves to high. Wait 60 seconds, turn the valves off and reconnect the gas line. If, after slowly turning the gas back on and lighting your grill, you still have a low flame, you'll need a new regulator. We offer gas grill parts like regulators for nearly every brand, from Alfresco to Uniflame, to fix this common problem and get you back to cooking. 


Replacement Valves

Have the valves worn out or rusted on your grill? If so, replacement valves are very affordable and rather easy to install. Many people throw out their grills and buy a new one because they mistakenly believe this issue can't be fixed. Our valves are designed to exactly match the original valves on your grill to get it back to work, saving you time and money. 


Other Replacement Grill Parts

There are many other parts of your grill that may eventually break, rust or even melt. These assorted parts include the heat gauges, handles, control knobs, handles and warming trays. At BBQ Grill Parts USA, you'll also find replacement posts to fix rusted grill posts on your grill, new rock grates and a host of grill accessories designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. While some of these parts may not be essential, replacement parts are very affordable and truly restore your grill to perfect working order.