Backyard Classic

Backyard Classic offers a huge variety of quality grills for every budget, from professional-grade and ceramic grills to hybrid grills capable of gas, charcoal and infrared cooking. At BBQ Grill Parts USA, you'll find a selection of well-made Backyard Classic grill parts, from burners and heat plates to grill accessories and repair parts. Our replacement grill parts are made from stainless steel and other high-grade materials for ultimum performance. Please verify measurements and your model number to make sure you order the right Backyard Classic grill parts you need.

15.875in - 15in
Backyard Classic, Savor Pro, Grill King, Charmglow, Brinkmann

CODE: 19521


Grill King, Charmglow, Brinkmann, Backyard Classic

CODE: 8410


18 - 17.625
Backyard Classic

CODE: 69762


17.0625in - 16.75in
Grill Chef, Charmglow, Brinkmann, Backyard Classic

CODE: 97311



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