How to Find Your Grill Model Number

Before you order replacement grill parts, it’s important to know your grill model number to make sure you get the right part for your grill. Here’s a quick guide to finding the model and serial number of major gas grill manufacturers.

Charbroil Grill Model NumberChar-Broil Grills
Char-Broil grills are known for their durability although common Char-Broil grill parts that need regular replacement are the burners and sometimes the venturi tubes and cooking grates. You’ll find your model and serial number on the back side of your grill on a white sticker. The model number should be on the left, followed by a 6-digit serial number.

Kenmore Grills
Trying to replace Kenmore grill parts? Check for the model number first by looking for a label under the control panel, on the outside of the grill panel or on the rear of the grill body itself. Kenmore model numbers begin with 3 digits, followed by a dot and more numbers. For example: 141.16674800.

Weber Gas GrillWeber Grills
You must know your model number before you order Weber grill parts or accessories like grilling baskets or covers. For Weber gas grills, look for a metal plate on the control panel, usually on the lower left corner. For charcoal Weber grills, there will be a plate on the dome-shaped lid near the handle.

Charmglow Grills
With Charmglow grills, the burners tend to wear out and rust rather quickly. To find the model number and replace these grill parts, look for a CSA appliance tag. This tag should be located inside the right or left door of your gas grill.

Solaire Grills
If you have a portable grill, you’ll find the model number on a tag attached to the left side of your grill. For full-size grills, look under the pull-out drip tray under the control panel on the front of the grill. Solaire really hides their model number tags!

aroma grill model numberOther Grills
If you own a grill other than those listed, look for a white or aluminum tag somewhere on the grill, probably close to ground level. Some grills also have built-in tags that are located on the post.

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